German puppeteer. After her studies at the Studiengang Figurentheater (Course of Studies in Figure Theatre) in Stuttgart from 1987-1992, Annette Scheibler has performed since 1992 with her independent theatre company Theater pepperMIND (a word play on peppermint) with headquarters in Stuttgart. After solo pieces like Romeo & Julia (Romeo and Juliet, 1994), Klodette kocht (Klodette Cooks, 1996) and Blaubart (Bluebeard, 1998), she now works with other artists and companies, including Gyula Molnar, Astrid Griesbach and the Materialtheater Stuttgart.

Annette Scheibler’s work goes back and forth between object theatre and actors’ theatre. It shows a special attraction for objects that are treated as partners. Her stagecraft consists of narrative theatre, slapstick clowning, and popular theatre. At the centre of her performances are female roles that are sometimes fanatically stubborn, sometimes tinged with sweetness. They overcome common daily and political disasters with humour, and solve their conflicts with objects or puppets, as in lear (Lear, 2001) and Terror im Idyll (Terror in the Idyll, 2003).

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