Cuban puppeteer and director. Armando Morales was one of the founders of the Teatro Nacional de Guiñol (National Puppet Theatre) in 1963, the principal institution in the Cuban puppet theatre scene. He has also done extensive teaching, both in Cuba and abroad. On behalf of his theatre company, he won the Ollantay prize in 1982 as well as other major awards at festivals in Europe and the Americas. Among his productions, the most esteemed are Los Hijos de Medea (Medea’s Sons, 1991), Tus manos (Your Hands, 1992) and Fábula del Insomnio (Fable of Insomnia, 1992).

Armando Morales is the artistic director and general manager of the Teatro Nacional de Guiñol, and is a Vice President of the UNIMA centre in Cuba.

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