Argentine puppet company Asomados y Escondidos (Appearing and Hidden) was founded in 1979 in Buenos Aires by Silvina Reinaudi (b.1942) and Roly Serrano (b.1955). These two puppeteers began performing puppetry in Córdoba in the television programme, Rito y sus amigos (Rito and His Friends), with Nora Cometo, Graciela Gambino, and other Córdoba actors and performers. Silvina Reinaudi studied with master puppeteers, Héctor Di Mauro and Alberto Cebreiro, and distinguished herself in drawing and puppet building, particularly for television. Roly Serrano, on the other hand, is an actor, musician and humorist.

The puppet-actor combination is at the heart of their creations with Asomados y Escondidos. Among their works are: Sietevidas, la vuelta del gato (Seven Lives, the Return of the Cat), El dueño del cuento (The Story Master), Huevito de ida y vuelta (The Little Egg’s Roundtrip), and Una voz en el viento (A Voice in the Wind). Their characters – Sonio and Marimonia, Perrito Rito and Perrote Rote – are very popular among children in Argentina.

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