Hungarian puppet theatre founded in 1961 in Pécs. Bóbita Bábszínház became a professional theatre in 1981 under the direction of Lajos Kós (1924-2008). The company constituted the puppetry division of the National Theatre of Pécs until January 2004, when it became an independent entity. The theatre has toured extensively and won numerous artistic competition prizes. In addition to shows for children, the theatre offers various productions aimed at adult audiences and is the host and organizer of the International Festival of the Art of Puppetry for Adults at Pécs.

Lajos Kós directed the Bóbita Bábszínház until 1992 and his successes were mainly due to his parodies and musical productions: Egy kiállítás képei (Pictures at an Exhibition, 1973 and 1979), inspired not only by the original piano suite by Modest Mussorgsky but also by several pop music adaptations (by Emerson and Tomita); Háry János (1982); 10 kicsi Gershwin (10 Small Gershwin, 1983). After his retirement, the theatre presented mostly classical works. Between 1992 and 1996, the company was directed by András Lénárt (b.1955), and since 1996, the artistic director is Gábor Sramó (b.1961).

(See Hungary.)


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