Korean puppeteer. Cho Yong-suk (Jo Yong-seok) debuted on Korean television (KBS-TV) with the children’s show Buri-Buri Baksa (Dr Buri-Buri), Jjang-gu Baksa (Dr Jjang-gu), and The Great Commander Kim Yu-shin with his brother Cho Yong-su (Jo Yong-su). He also produced an award winning adult puppet television show in 1991. Cho Yong-suk was a lecturer on puppetry for children at Anyang University (1998) and Myongji University (1999).

Cho Yong-suk was in charge of children’s programming for MBC-TV, EBS-TV and SBS-TV. He presented live theatre performances of Fantastic Korea at Yeon-gang Theatre Hall and Puppet Concert of Cho Yong-suk, The Four Seasons, The Picture Diary of Buruno, and Return of Dr Buri-Buri at the Jung-dong Theatre. He presented Puppet Concert in Yokohama, Japan (1999) and participated in many festivals: Festival of Theatre for Children and Young People in Haifa, Israel (2004), Korczak Festival in Poland (2004), and Iida Festival in Japan (1999 and 2005).

(See Korea.)