Panamanian puppet company founded in 1997 by Salomón Vergara, with Adriana Sautu as a creative contributor. Amano began by performing at children’s festivals. After researching and studying puppets, the company began to orient towards subject matter revolving around current events. At the same time, they stay committed to the script and the design aspects of their theatre productions. They employ a mix of techniques, including rod puppets, glove puppets, and mouth puppets, as well as alternating between the actor and the puppet. Their works include El bosque de San Caco (The Forest of San Caco), written and created by Adriana Sautu, La corona de plata plateada del Río de la Plata (literally: The Silver-Plated Money Crown of the Money River), Diosa, Mujer y Cosa (Goddess, Mother and Object), written by Adriana Sautu and directed by Salomón Vergara.

(See Panama.)