Argentine puppet and actors’ company. Diablomundo was founded in 1985 in Lomas de Zamora, a suburb of Buenos Aires. A number of artists, all very different in their skills and artistic backgrounds, have been members of the company over the years. Ariel Calvis, Miriam González, and Roberto Uriona (d.2011) headed the company until it dissolved in 2010.

A versatile theatre for actors, objects, and puppets, Diablomundo integrated actors’ performance, visible manipulation of puppets, dance, mime, clowning, and music. It created the El Tablado theatre in Lomas de Zamora (1985-1988). Since 1988, it has led El Galpón de Diablomundo, a theatre located in Temperley (a city in the province of Buenos Aires).

During the 1990s, the company made several international tours, notably, to the United States, participating in the Pittsburgh Children’s Festival (1991), and the Henson International Festival of Puppet Theatre (1992) in New York City, organized by The Jim Henson Foundation.

Diablomundo’s repertoire includes: El fuego (The Fire, 1985), Ilusiones y porfías (Illusions and Obstinacy, 1986), Hasta el otro carnival (Until the Next Carnival, 1987), Entresueños (In Between Dreams, 1990), De Ulises y Penélope. La risa o el gesto de la Flor (From Ulysses and Penelope. The Laughter or the Gesture of the Flower, 2001).

(See Argentina.)