Swiss puppet theatre association. Double Jeu was established in 1987 in Lausanne by Théâtre Globule and La Rose des Vents with a view to giving the city a regular season of puppet performances. The association was financed by the public administration at the level of the district and the canton.

Other than the puppet shows produced by the two founding theatres, Double Jeu, in order to achieve its ends, invited a number of Swiss and other European directors to present their productions at the Bergières Hall. The theatre, which has approximately three hundred seats, was placed at their disposal by the Municipality of Lausanne. All the various puppet techniques, from the most traditional forms to the most contemporary experiments, are presented here in productions meant mainly for family audiences. Every season, fifty to eighty performances draw between six and ten thousand spectators from across “Suisse romand”, French-speaking Switzerland.

Two other companies from Lausanne, Dominique Bianchi’s Oniroscope theatre and the Compagnie 38 bis & Co., directed by Adèle Mazzei, joined Double Jeu, the first in 2001 and the second in 2004. Double Jeu backed the co-productions of their puppet creations.   

(See Switzerland.)


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