Bolivian puppet company. El Kusillo was established in 1985 in Cochabamba by the actor, poet, and dramatist Federico Augusto Rocha Reynolds. The first performances of the company were shows for children, including: El lápiz, el borrador y el tajador (The Pencil, the Eraser and the Sharpener, 1987); ¿Qué nazca la plantita? (Should the Little Plant be Born?, 1989); La Luna María (The Moon Maria, 1988); El cazador, yo no fui (It was the Hunter, Not Me!, 1999-2000).

The company participates in local and international festivals: Festival de Títeres de La Paz (1988), Festival de la ciudad de Salta-Argentina (1991), the Festeñeco-La Paz (1999), La Salamanca-Salta-Argentina (Mercosur, 1999). El Kusillo also performs in television programmes and frequently travels all over Bolivia and northern Argentina.

Federico Augusto Rocha Reynolds organizes workshops in schools for children, where he teaches puppet theatre. In his latest shows for adults (particularly in the Quechua language), he takes up themes related to the prevention of diseases, HIV/AIDS awareness, sex education and hygiene, nutrition, etc. He tours the country, training teachers and cultural organizers.

(See Bolivia.)