Argentine puppet and object theatre company. Founded in 1989 in Buenos Aires by Ana Alvarado, Daniel Veronese, and Emilio García Wehbi, El Periférico de Objetos was closely moulded after Ariel Bufano and the troupe of the Grupo de Titiriteros del Teatro Municipal General San Martín. These original creators interested in object theatre inaugurated their work with Ubú Rey (Ubu Roi, 1990) by Alfred Jarry (see Ubu), followed by Variaciones sobre B… (Variations on B…), and then with Acto sin palabras, an adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s Act Without Words. The actor-puppeteers always operate their puppets and objects in view of the audience, and increasingly involve themselves in the dramatic narrative.

From the early 1990s, the troupe performed at many national and international festivals. Among their adaptations and their own original works are: El Hombre de Arena (The Sandman, 1992) based on the short story by E.T.A. Hoffmann, performed at the Movida VI in the festival for new stage trends (VI Movida Teatral de las Dos Orillas) held in Buenos Aires in 1992; Máquina Hamlet (Hamletmachine, 1995) by Heiner Müller; Circo Negro (Black Circus, 1997); Zooedipous (1998), a montage of “madrigal warriors and lovers”; MMB (Monteverdi Método Bélico, 2000); El Suicidio/Apócrifo 1 (The Suicide/Apocryphal 1, 2002); and an adaptation of The Last Days of Mankind of Karl Kraus, titled La última noche de la humanidad (2002). This theatrical experiment received many awards.

El Periférico de Objetos disbanded in 2007.

(See Argentina.)


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