Chilean puppeteers. The brothers Enrique and Hugo Cerda, biology professor and visual artist respectively, have continued to practise and spread the art of puppetry. Trained at the Instituto Pedagógico de la Universidad de Chile, they created in the 1960s their company, La Tarumba (Compañía de Títeres La Tarumba), and with it have toured throughout the country. Later, with their puppets, for two years they travelled the villages of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. The experience thus gained allowed them to write their first book, Teatro de Guiñol (Puppet Theatre, published in 1964 by the Venezuelan Ministry of Education), which is considered to be a text of pedagogic interest. This knowledge and experience gained in the field formed the subject of their activities within the centre for research of Chilean theatre, Centro de Investigaciones del Teatro Chileno, at the University of Chile. Some years later, La Tarumba was dissolved and the two puppeteers decided to dedicate their energies to teaching.

Enrique Cerda lives, teaches and writes in Temuco. Hugo, in Bogotá, Colombia, works in the universities of Buenaventura and Santo Tomás. Their contributions to scholarship on the puppetry of Chile, Venezuela and Colombia have been invaluable to further research. Their publications include: Teatro de Títeres (Puppet Theatre, 1968), El Teatro de Títeres en la educación (Puppet Theatre in Education, 1989), El Teatro de Guiñol en Venezuela (Puppet Theatre in Venezuela, 1972), Breve historia del Títere Chileno (Brief History of the Chilean Puppet, 1983).

(See Chile, Enrique Cerda (Angol, Chile, 1937), Hugo Cerda (Purén, Chile, 1939))


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