Iranian dramatist, author, director, and puppet voice speaker. Hengameh Mofid was born into a family of artists; her father (Gholamhossein Mofid) was a well-known actor in theatre and cinema, skillful in calligraphy, music, and reading the Shahnameh (Book of Kings), the Iranian epic of Ferdowsi. Hengameh attended the Conservatory of Music and then the College of Art while at the same time performing (1971-1978) in the professional theatre troupe of the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA, in Persian: Kanoon-e Parvaresh-e Fekri-e Koodakan va Nojavanan).

Since 1983, Hengameh Mofid has been a writer, director, actress, and voice artist in television puppet show series and movies, including Shaparak Khanom (The Butterfly), Torob, Kooti and Mooti, Khorshid Khanoom (Ms. Sun), An Event in Puppet Town, The Cloak with a Thousand Tales, Robots, Aria Da Capo, School, Eagle and Fox, Aleson and Valeson, Stories of Taghi Khan, and Rofouze.

Through the years Hengameh Mofid has taught in schools and kindergarten classes, telling stories and developing successful characters. After a gap during the Cultural Revolution, she finished her BA degree in dramatic literature. She has taught puppetry at many universities with programmes in the arts. Among her awards are recognition by the Academy of Dramatic Arts for Lifetime Achievement in Dramatic Arts (Theatre Forum of Iran), the award of the International Puppet Theatre of Tehran, the award of the Municipality of Tehran for Lifetime Achievement in Arts, Best Play award for Girls from the Gardens of Carpet at Fajr International Festival, and Best Directing award for Night Time Stories from the Fourth Television Festival.

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