Romanian director. Horia Davidescu is the founder of the puppet theatre of Craiova (see Teatrul pentru copii și tineret Colibri [lier]Colibri Theatre for Children and Youth[/lier]). He brought a modern approach to puppetry through the humour and visual language of his productions, especially through his collaboration with the theatre designer Eustațiu Gregorian.

His show, Domnul Goe (Mr Goe, 1958), an adaptation of the short story by I.L. Caragiale, was awarded at the International Puppet Theatre Festival in Bucharest in 1958. He created many productions, which toured all over the world. Among these are: Cinci săptămîni în balon (Five Weeks in a Balloon, 1960), after Jules Verne, and Cartea cu Apolodor (The Book of Apollodorus, 1981) by Gellu Naum. He contributed to the creation of the Theatre for the Young in Tripoli, Libya, in 1977. He created one hundred and fifty shows in Romania and abroad.

Horia Davidescu is a Member of Honour of UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionnette, the International Union of Puppetry).  

(See Romania.)