Serbian playwright. After graduating from the Department of Dramaturgy of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at the University of Belgrade (1995) and the International School for Playwrights of the Royal Court Theatre in London (International Playwrights Group, 1997), Igor Bojović worked as the drama director and playwright at the Montenegro National Theatre in Podgorica. Since 2005, he has been the managing director of the Pozorište lutaka Pinokio (Pinocchio Puppet Theatre, founded 1972) in Zemun. In 2013, he continued as artistic director of “Pinocchio” Puppet Theatre.

Igor Bojović is author of many theatre pieces. Among the most important are Izvanjac (The Outsider, awarded the Belgrade National Theatre Prize and the Josip Kolundžić Prize of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, 1993, and the Sterija’s Prize for Modern Dramatic Text, 1996); The Tale of the Emperor and the Nightingale; Baš Čelik (Just Steel, Božidar Valtrović Prize, 1993); Still Life (ATF Theatre in Sofia, 1994); Mačak u čizmama (Puss in Boots, Sterija Prize for Modern Comedic Text, 1995); Happy End (La Mama, New York, 1996, London’s Royal Court Theatre, 1997); Ženidba kralja Vukašina (The Wedding of King Vukašin, Kotor Festival of Children’s Theatres Best Dramatic Text, 1998); and Petar Pan (Peter Pan). His works are performed in many Serbian theatres and have been translated into Bulgarian, Italian, French, and other languages for international performances.

He has written television series, including Snovi od šper-ploče (Dreams of Plywood, 1996, directed by P. Račković, TV Pink) and Dobro veče deco (Good Evening, Children, 1996, directed by D. Ćorković, RTS). Two of his texts have been performed as radio dramas – Petar Pan (1995, directed by Z. Paković, Radio Belgrade) and Beauty and the Beast (1997, directed by B. Đurović, Radio Belgrade). Bojović was co-author of the screenplay for the feature film, Nož (The Dagger, 1999, directed by Miroslav Lekić), based on the novel by Vuk Draškovic.

Igor Bojović was the President of UNIMA Serbia in 2013. He published the book, Lutkarski Dramoleti (Short Puppet Plays) in 2011 and won the Little Prince Lifetime Achievement Award of Subotica International Children’s Theatre Festival the same year.

(See Serbia.)


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