Bulgarian actor-puppeteer and associate professor. A graduate in Acting (1980) from the Natsionalna akademia za teatralni i filmovi izkustva (NATFA), (National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts) in Sofia, Jenny Pashova began her career at the Durzhaven kuklen teatur Plovdiv (State Puppet Theatre Plovdiv). She is recognized as one of the most interesting actresses of her generation, particularly distinguishing herself in the productions of Petar Pashov, Svetlosinia Petur (Marine Blue Peter, 1982), Puk (Puck, 1984), Don Kihot (Don Quixote, 1989), and Meko kazano (To Put It Mildly) by Valeri Petrov, directed by Slavcho Malenov.

In 1983, she was engaged by the Stolichen kuklen teatur (Sofia Central Puppet Theatre), where certain productions made her famous, notably, Mecheto Rimchimchi (Teddy Bear Rim-Chim-Chi, 1984) and William Shakespeare’s Buryata (The Tempest, 1987) in which she played the role of Ariel. But it is in the role of Margarita in Mikhail Bulgakov’s play, Maĭstora i Margarita (The Master and Margarita, 1996), a production staged by Atelier 313, that she especially excelled, and thus influenced a new generation of puppeteers by her innovative manipulation of the puppets. For her creation Pepeliashka (Cinderella) in 1996, Pashova was awarded the Zlatnia Delfin (Golden Dolphin) at the International Puppet Theatre Festival held in Varna for her work as author, director and sole actor-puppeteer of the show.

She received many other awards including the prize at the Festival of Plovdiv in 1997, the Festival of Prague in 1997 and 1998, and at the Festival of Mexico in 1998. Recognized for her performances, Jenny Pashova has been invited to the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and Turkey. Today, she teaches puppetry at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts.

(See Bulgaria.)