Korean puppet company. Literally “Flower Village”, Kkot-dongnae was founded in 1972 by Huh Kyu (Heo Gyu), the former director of the Korean National Theatre. After presenting The Sun and the Moon (1972), the company stopped producing. In 1975, Kong Ho-suk (Gong Ho-seok), who would become the company director, joined with Huh Kyu and, using the name Minye, the company produced another play, The Story of Huh saeng, based on the celebrated novel about an eccentric scholar written during the Joseon (Choson) Dynasty. But this group also dissolved.

Kong Ho-suk reorganized the company in 1983 and presented Pyon-ga Ong-ga (Byeon-ga Ong-ga) for audiences.

Kkot-dongnae had the distinction of performing puppetry in the 1970s, a period when it was rarely practised.

(See Korea.)