Peruvian puppet theatre founded in 1963 in Lima by Victoria (Vicky) Morales Aramayo. In 1991, the “historic” troupe Kusi Kusi (“Joy, Joy” in Quechua) received the Ollantay prize for its work that combines glove puppets, music and lighting effects. It has its own auditorium, La Cabañita (The Little Cabin), located in the Parque de la Exposición.

Kusi Kusi has participated in various national and international festivals and meetings: 15th UNIMA Congress in Japan (1988), the International Festival of India (1990), and the Festival de Títeres in Caracas (2000). Among its many shows are Shirikó y la flauta (Shirikó and the Flute), Bailes del Perú (Dances of Peru), Leyenda de la caracola (Legend of the Sea Snail), and El pueblo del sol (The People of the Sun).

(See Peru.)