Peruvian puppet company. La Tarumba was founded in Lima in 1984 by actors, mimes and puppeteers, Estela Paredes and Fernando Cevallos. The objective of the group was to research, develop and create all forms of the performing arts: street theatre, circus, puppetry (glove puppets and marottes), masks, and acting. The shows for children and young people are based on Peruvian characters and forms of expression, with some references to circus (clowns, music, juggling, acrobatics).

La Tarumba travels extensively throughout the country and actively participates in festivals in Argentina, Chile, and Europe with shows for children. Among their recent collective creations are ¡Cállate Domitila! (Shut Up, Domitilla!) and ¡Upa la esperanza! (Up, Up, Hope!).

(See Peru.)