Serbian theatre researcher, dramatist, and director. After graduating from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade in 1949, Milenko Misailović received, in 1952, a degree in directing from the Academy for Theatrical Arts in Belgrade. He obtained his Doctor’s degree at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade in 1981. From 1954 to 1981, he worked as a director and dramatist at the National Theatre in Belgrade.

Milenko Misailović has written extensively on theatre, the most important works being Dramaturgija scenskog prostora (Dramaturgy of the Stage, 1988) and Dramaturgija kostimografije (Dramaturgy of Costume, 1990). In his research, he made an important contribution to the studies of children’s theatre, especially to the theory of puppetry, which resulted in the publication of his famous study, Dete i pozorišna umetnost (The Child and the Art of Theatre, 1991). Misailović is among the leading contemporary Serbian theatre experts and has won many prizes.

He is one of the founders and expert international promoters of Subotica International Children’s Theatre Festival, and, in 2004, he was the winner of the important Little Prince Lifetime Achievement Award of this festival. He has long cooperated with the Children’s Festival in Šibenik and the Conference of Serbian Professional Puppet Theatres. He is the author of the dramatization of the story Aska i vuk (Aska and the Wolf) by Serbian Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić, which was successfully performed on the stage of Little Theatre “Duško Radović” in Belgrade in 1979.

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