Museum created in 1997 in Albaida in the province of Valencia, Spain. The museum’s mission is the study and dissemination of puppetry with an eye to prompting theoretical reflection and discourse. The museum is located in the Palacio de los Marqueses. In 2005, the 15th century building was restored, incorporating a new stage and space for complementary services. In addition to the extensive puppet collection, the museum has a projection room and a large specialized documentation centre where one can find many books on the art of puppetry.

The museum’s permanent collection traces the history and the role of puppets and puppetry while more than four hundred plays illustrate the main European, African and Asian traditions. International companies with their most significant artistic features are also represented. A section is devoted to puppetry in broadcasting and the work of Jim Henson and his Fraggle Rock television series. Technical diversity, artistic commitment and willingness to disclose, characterize this exceptional facility.

(See Spain.)