German puppeteer. In 1979, Pavel Möller-Lück created the Theater Laboratorium (Theatre Laboratory) which, since 1995, has been located in Oldenburg (Northern Germany).

In addition to teaching at the University of Oldenburg and at the Studiengang Figurentheater (course of studies in figure theatre) at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart (State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart), Pavel Möller-Lück has toured extensively in Germany and abroad. He seeks to establish an exchange across generations, between adults and children. He develops his figures and chooses his subjects with great sensitivity, relying on careful staging and often resorting to witty word games.

Among his productions, which often involve his wife Barbara Schmitz-Lenders, are Die Drei Käsehochs (The Three Lovers of Cheese, 1987), Was wurde eigentlich aus Konrad Müller? (What Has Become of Konrad Müller Anyway?, 1992), Der Kleine Herr Winterstein (The Little Mr Winterstein, 1995), and Der Froschkönig (The Frog King, 1999).

Since 1986, Pavel Möller-Lück has been a producer and art director for various festivals, including the Homunculus Figurentheaterfestival (Homunculus Figure Theatre Festival) in Hohenems, Austria.

(See Germany.)