Chilean puppet company. Compañía Periplos was founded in 1998 in Santiago by actors Domingo Araya and Marcela Cornejo. The goal that the two actors set for themselves is an exploration of puppet theatre for all ages following a modernist conception. Their desire for experimentation took them to Spain, France and Italy in order to pursue courses that would enable them to perfect their craft. They also present at numerous festivals.

Their most notable productions are: El Roto y el Diablo (The Broke Chilean and The Devil, 1999), a show for adults based on a Chilean legend; ¿Por qué el conejo tiene las orejas largas? (Why Does the Rabbit Have Large Ears?, 2001), based on a Latin-American legend; A la diestra de Dios Padre (At the Right Hand of God the Father, 2003), a FONDART production (Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Cultural y las Artes National Fund for Cultural Development and the Arts).

Periplos combines techniques of direct manipulation, object theatre, masks, and pays close attention to language and music traditions, which it wants to both preserve and reinvent.

(See Chile.)