Uruguayan puppeteer and writer. Rolando Speranza started writing for theatre and puppets in 1958. Among his many works are: El haragán de la casa (The Layabout of the House); El médico de las mariposas (The Butterfly Doctor); Nuevas aventuras de Juan el Zorro (New Adventures of John the Fox), an adaptation for puppet theatre of texts by Serafín J. García; El monociclista (The Unicyclist), in collaboration with Nicolás Loureiro. His works have been produced by many Uruguayan puppet companies, among them El Galpón, which performed La Isla del Tesoro (Treasure Island, 1960) under the direction of Aída Rodríguez and Miguel Cherro.

As the head of his group El Retablillo, founded in 1963, Rolando Speranza was also an actor-puppeteer at the performance space Caleidoscopio (Kaleidoscope) under the direction of Nicolás Loureiro. El ultimo expediente (The Last File), performed by El Galpón in 1963, and Los días de Carlitos Molinari (The Days of Carlitos Molinari), performed by the Comedia Nacional in 1985, were highly praised by critics.

(See Uruguay.)