German theatre. Central stage of the Berliner Puppen-, Figuren- und Objekttheater (Puppet, Figure and Object Theatre of Berlin) established in 1993 in the premises of the Staatlichen Puppentheaters Berlin (State Puppet Theatre of Berlin), which had been closed in 1990. The Schaubude Puppentheater Berlin (Show Booth Puppet Theatre Berlin), or SCHAUBUDE BERLIN (in upper case), is the only stage in Berlin specializing in puppet and figure theatre that organizes German and foreign guest performances, has its own venue and offers a continuous programme. The SCHAUBUDE is a member of the Berliner Kulturveranstaltungs-GmbH (The Berlin-based Organization of Cultural Events) and receives funds from the Berlin state government.

The profile of this stage is defined by the artistic signatures and aesthetic concepts of the performing puppet theatre companies which for the most part come from Berlin. National and international performances take place in the context of specific thematic programmes or festivals. The SCHAUBUDE also works closely with the Abteilung Puppenspielkunst (Department of Puppetry Arts) of the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst “Ernst-Busch” (Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art) in Berlin. The centre offers students and teachers the opportunity to present their projects and creative works under conditions of a professional theatre. The SCHAUBUDE BERLIN is an experiment to win social and political acceptance for puppet, figure and object theatre.

(See Germany.)