Romanian stage director. Silviu Purcărete, known for his outstanding theatre productions with actors’ theatre in Romania and many other countries, has also created several productions for the puppet theatre, notably: Călina Făt-Frumos (Călina Prince Charming, 1974); Insula pe din două (The Island Split in Two, 1979) at the Elpis Theatre in Constanţa (see Teatrul pentru copii și tineret Constanța,

Constanța Theatre for Children and Youth), and Cenușăreasa (Cinderella, 1990), to Rossini’s music at the Ţăndărică Puppet Theatre (Teatrul de animaţie Ţăndărică), a production that toured the world. He is also noted for having used black theatre in his production of Călina Făt-Frumos (Călina Prince Charming) and for combining elements from Romanian folk theatre with those of traditional Asian and Sicilian theatre (see Pupi).      

(See Romania.)


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