Serbian theatre director and manager of Subotica International Children’s Theatre Festival. Slobodan Marković graduated from the Nikšić Faculty of Philosophy, in Literature and Serbo-Croat Language. By selecting outstanding work during his directorship at Subotica Gyermeks zinhaz Children’s Theatre, Marković promoted work of Serbian actors and authors on Serbia and Yugoslavian stages/festivals and international stages (Mexico, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, and Denmark) where they have won important awards. He helped establish the Subotica International Children’s Theatre Festival in 1994, which has hosted theatres from over fifty countries, from China to the United States and Sweden to Iran. Marković’s principles and that of his festival have helped develop and advance modern forms of children’s theatre in the country, for which the Subotica Festival has become internationally recognized.

Slobodan Marković is the recipient of many awards and prizes, including the prestigious Little Prince Lifetime Achievement Award (2003) for contributions to children’s theatre, the Medallion of the City of Szeged for his contribution to Serbo-Hungarian cultural relations, the Medallion of Zmaj Children’s Festival (1994), the Boško Buha Award for Lifetime Achievement by the Youth Theatre of Novi Sad (2010), the Order of Friendship (2011) awarded by the President of the Russian Federation, Mr Dmitry Medvedev, for his contribution to the development of Serbo-Russian cultural relations, and the Grad Prix “Jože Pengov” of UNIMA Slovenia (2013).

(See Serbia.)


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