Japanese puppeteer. Maestro of string marionettes. Sennosuke carries the name of the Takeda lineage established in the 18th century. The size of his marionettes was approximately 35 centimetres, comparatively smaller than the standard traditional string puppet. In 1955, the Takeda Ningyō-za (Takeda Marionette Theatre) was rebuilt by Yūki Magotarō. Takeda Sennosuke, disciple of Magotarō, created productions for the company with Takeda Kinosuke, designer and puppet maker maestro. The company had its own theatre and hired dozens of artists and technicians.

Takedo Sennosuke also opened the first studio dedicated to producing marionette films. He played on television (notably, science fiction episodes for children). The company was declared an intangible cultural property of the city of Tokyo.

After fifty years in Tokyo, Takeda Sennosuke moved the company to Iida near Nagano. A museum shows the marionette collection and the company gives performances for children and teaches puppetry at the Takeda Studio.

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