Bolivian puppet workshop. Taypikala was created in 1986 in Potosí by Ana María Gómez and Sergio Carrasco. Initially, Taypikala, “the centre stone” in the Aymara language, was specifically created following massive layoffs of the miners in Potosí (the principal mining region of Bolivia) with the aim of helping the village communities. In addition to the miners and their families, professionals and researchers take part in work of great quality.

Ana María Gómez, author with many awards to her credit, has worked for many years with indigenous communities, collecting their cultural traditions from which she draws themes and inspiration for her own creations. Ana María Gómez wishes in this way to preserve and revitalize the traditions of the Andes, taking particular care with regard to the Quechua-Aymara culture, which has held on to its original authenticity in spite of colonization.

(See Bolivia.)