Honduran puppet company. Teatro de Títeres Bambù (Theatre of Bamboo Puppets) was founded in 1990 in Tegucigalpa by the puppeteer-actors Edgard Valeriano and Danilo Lagos. The company has its own workshop for designing and building puppets. Set design is in the hands of Marcos Licarra, with Karla Nuñez and Danilo Lagos responsible for puppet design and building.

Teatro de Títeres Bambù performs in schools and in the neighbourhoods of Tegucigalpa as well as in the interior of the country. The company has participated in local and international festivals, including the 3rd Nicassitej Festival Internacional de Teatro para Niños y Jóvenes (Third International Festival of Theatre for Children) held in Nicaragua.

Among the company’s most recent shows is Solo para niños (Only For Children), a production in which Danilo Lagos and Edgard Valeriano manipulate the puppets while Marco Tulio Fortín, offstage, plays the role of the magician.

(See Honduras.)