Romanian puppet theatre for children established in 1949 in Brașov as part of the Drama Theatre that was named Arlechino in 1991. From the outset until 1969, the Puppet Theatre of Brașov distinguished itself by its iconoclastic innovations introduced by Aristotel Apostol, the director, and Maria Dimitrescu, the designer. After this period, the puppet theatre was distinguished by Liviu Steciuc, first master puppeteer, then director until 2009.

Noteworthy productions of Teatrul pentru copii Arlechino include: Punguța cu doi bani (The Two Penny Bag, 1978), directed by Ștefan Dedu Farca, with minimalistic modern sets by Enikö Simo; Pocket Book Stories (1984), The Adventures of Talion (1987), The Dove, and Pescarul și norocul (The Fisherman and His Luck, 1997), directed by Liviu Steciuc; Rapunzel (2012), directed by Traian Savinescu.

The use of composite puppets as well as spectacular set transformations distinguished the productions of Liviu Steciuc and Enikö Simo.

(See Romania.)