Canadian company based in the heart of Quebec since 1975. Théâtre de la Dame de Coeur is an important centre for research, creation, production, presentation, animation and training. From a symbolic and allegorical dramaturgy, the company has developed a unique expertise in puppet building, manipulation techniques and a wide range of sophisticated multimedia.

Specializing in grand productions, the company is well known for the complex mechanical engineering of its shows, with their huge sets and giant puppets. Its ability to adapt to any environment enables the company to create custom shows like those in Singapore (2002), Japan, and Norway (Drapen, 2009). TDC productions play with conventional reason and experiment with the relationship with the audience.

Every year, thousands of spectators travel to Upton in Montérégie region of Quebec where the company trains puppeteers and creates, produces and stages its works. Located on a large parcel of land, the centre has an outdoor theatre with an immense roof where the company’s productions are performed on a 270-degree stage, with rotating seats. Under the artistic direction of Richard Blackburn and stage direction of René Charbonneau, the company employs many designers, artisans, puppeteers, actors and technicians.

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