Belgian puppet theatre company. It was founded in Brussels in 1982 by Marie-Odile Benoit Dupuis and Benoît de Leu, spiritual godchildren of Suzanne Gohy and John Gérardy (Institut des Arts de Diffusion). In 1989, Théâtre des Quatre Mains (Theatre of Four Hands) moved to Beauvechain (Province of Walloon Brabant). The company prefers using glove puppets for public schools. Shows include: Crac dans le Sac (Snap in the Sac) by Pierre Gripari; Pipandor ou les Secrets mal gardés (Pipandor, or the Poorly Gaurded Secrets), based on The King Stag by Carlo Gozzi; Renart le Renard (Reynard the Fox); Charlie et la Chocolaterie (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) by Roald Dahl; L’Opossum qui avait l’Air triste (The Possum with the Sad Attitude) based on The Possum That Didn’t by Frank Tashlin; Bolu, Le dernier Enfant (Bolu, the Last Child); Simon la Fièvre (Simon Fever) by Olivier Appart; Bin’Bin’ by Patrick Maillard.

Over time, the company has grown, and with Jean-Christophe Lefevre, has incorporated remarkable performance techniques and elaborate set design. In 2000, the team was divided into two sections. Canard Noir et Cie (Black Duck & Co.) has produced Tarte aux Puces (Flea Pie), Li-Ann, La Malédiction de Camberwell (The Curse of Camberwell) after Jean Ray. The Théâtre des Quatre Mains also offers workshops and training for teachers. Since 1995, Benoît de Leu continues to animate the children’s television character Blabla.

(See Belgium.)