Belgian theatre company. Based in Genappe (Walloon Brabant), Tof Théâtre was created in 1986 by Alain Moreau, who stated that he works with puppets “because there are no good actors who measure 32 centimetres in height”. In his first show, Le Tour du Bloc (Around the Block), the glove puppets were minuscule, silent and aimed at all audiences. From 1987, he designed his work for young school audiences. For Radio Tom, Cabane (Shed), Camping sauvage (Wilderness Camping) and Patraque, larger puppets were used that had an imaginary language made of sounds, noises and onomatopoeia, manipulated by at first masked and then unmasked puppeteers in a fascinating universe of “reduced realism”.

In 2003, Tof Théâtre collaborated with Theater Malibu to produce the worldess À tout jamais (For All Times), a model of precision and miniaturism. In the meantime, Alain Moreau had become Eugène, le Roi de la Frite (Eugene, the French Fry King) in a truculent street show. He then produced Les Zakouskis érotiks (The Erotic Zakouskis), spicy mini-scenes for adults. In 2004, he put on the zany show Bistouri!, performed by very large-scale deranged surgeons. Max Vandervorst usually composed the music for his plays.

(See Belgium.)