Independent puppet theatre company based in Nuremberg (Germany). The puppeteer and director Tristan Vogt founded the company Tristans Kompagnons (Tristan’s Companions) in southern Germany in 1983. He comes from a family of musicians and trained for a career in puppetry arts at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst “Ernst Busch” (Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art) in Berlin. Joachim Torbahn, designer and director trained in Vienna, joined Vogt in 1986. Since then they have run the puppet company together, moving it to Nuremberg in 1997.

Tristans Kompagnons is known for working with contemporary authors such as Fitzgerald Kusz and Ingeborg von Zadow. The company combines puppet theatre and music with both elements illuminating, counteracting and ridiculing each other in a constant back and forth commentary, as in their productions Wagners Ring (Wagner’s Ring, 1998) and Zwerge. Eine fränkische Passion (Dwarfs. A Franconian/Frankish Passion, 2000).

The company has been renamed Thalias Kompagnons.

(See Germany.)


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