Belgian theatre company. Established in 1993 in Antwerp from the association between Joris Jozef (b.1946), who had performed as a solo artist since 1981 and collaborated with Flemish Television and Canal-Plus, and the Theater Wannepoe from Leuven (French: Louvain). After three years, Wannepoe withdrew and Joris Jozef remained the artistic director of Ultima Thule.

The choice of name of this mythic island at the edge of the world signifies the will to discover and go beyond the limits of theatrical performance in all its contemporary forms. A touring company aimed at children and adolescents, Ultima Thule established a base in Antwerp in 2003: Theatergarage. A series about the five senses is designed for children. Productions for adolescents include: Het Paard van Troje (The Trojan Horse), which narrates the fall of Troy from the point of view of Astyanax’s children; Negentienhonderd (Nineteen Hundred) and Zonder Bloed (Without Blood), based on two works by Alessandro Baricco; and Stekezotvanu (Totallycrazyaboutyou) by Wim De Wulf.

Since 2001, Wim De Wulf is the theatre’s Artistic Director and Joris Jozef its General Manager. “Ultima Thule is and remains open.”

(See Belgium.)