Polish university level puppet theatre school created in 1972 to continue the work started by the Actors’ Studio for the Puppet Theatres (Studium Aktorskie Teatrów Lalkowych, SATL), in Wroclaw (Wrocław) from 1967-1970 and that of the Puppetry Department PWST (Oddział Lalkarski PWST) in Cracow (Kraków) founded by Władysław Jarema in 1954, which closed in 1964.

The first Chair of the department was Stanisław Stapf who succeeded Henryk Jurkowski, followed by puppeteers from Wrocławski Teatr Lalek (WTL, Wroclaw Puppet Theatre), Wiesław Hejno, Anna Helman-Twardowska, Jacek Radomski, Jolanta Góralczyk, Anna Kramarczyk, and Aneta Głuch-Klucznik. During the 1980s, the Wroclaw school functioned in close collaboration with Jan Dorman.

In 2006, the teaching of stage direction for the puppet theatre was added in Wroclaw as the specialization of Directing Faculty in Cracow, and since 2012 this teaching unit has been administered by the Faculty of Puppet Theatre in Wroclaw. In 1992, a two-year post-graduate study of directing for children and youth theatre was created. Since 1991, the International Meetings of Theatre Schools, Puppet Theatre Departments (Międzynarodowe Spotkania Szkół Teatralnych Wydziałów Lalkarskich) have been organized every two years by the Faculty of Puppet Theatre in Wroclaw.

(See Poland, Training.)


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