Korean puppet producer. Ahn Jeong-ui began working in the Seoul Puppet Theatre, Seoul Inhyeong Geukhoe, founded in the 1960s by Kim Hae-kyung (Kim Hae-gyeong). After directing his own group (1974-1979), he became the director of the Seoul Puppet Theatre in 2005.

His productions are mostly designed for children and use various puppet techniques in plays based on Korean or international fairy tales and stories. He has presented his shows on television for the children’s hour on EBS-TV (Educational Broadcasting Station), and several regular performances for children in Space Theatre and Dong-A Culture Center for long runs since 1984. In 1987, he opened his own theatre, Ggum-namu Theatre (Dream Tree Theatre) dedicated exclusively to puppetry. In 1988 and 1989, he toured to promote puppetry in Korea with two “bus theatres”, the Ggum-namu Mobile Theatres.  He was awarded the 1988 Nunsol Acknowledgement Prize from the Saekdong-hoe, a prestigious Korean organization for child welfare, for his unceasing educational efforts.

Since 1987, Ahn Jeong-ui has held workshops for children and youth almost every year. He organized the Seoul Puppetry Festival in 1990.

His company has presented in major tours of Korea and Japan and at the UNIMA festival in Budapest in 1996 with the play Shim-cheong Jeon (Story of Shim Cheong, a girl willing to sacrifice her life for her father). Since 1997, Ahn Jeong-ui has organized exchange programmes and workshops with the Arari House of Puppets in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do Province.

(See Korea.)