Canadian museum. This museum, with a collection of Canadian and international puppets, is located in the Hull area of Gatineau, Quebec, on the left bank of the Ottawa River (French: Rivière des Outaouais), facing Ottawa, Ontario, the federal capital of Canada.

In 1994, the Ontario Puppetry Association (OPA) donated a collection of 400 puppets to the museum. The collection, started in 1957, consists of traditional puppets from diverse cultures and many representative examples of 20th century Canadian puppetry. Artists in the collection include Coad Canada Puppets, Leo and Dora Velleman, Nancy A. Cole, Nina Keogh, John and Linda Keogh, Muriel Heddle, Tom Miller, Jim Morrow, Tom Vandenberg, Elizabeth Merten and Noreen Young.

The museum has an Internet website of excellent quality. In 2005, the museum director was Constance Nebel.

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