Bulgarian actor, director, journalist, translator. As a student in Zagreb, Eugen Fabiany worked in theatre, which he continued to pursue when he moved to Sofia. After graduating in Economics from Sofia University he began working at the Naroden kuklen teatur (People’s Puppet Theatre, today, Stolichen kuklen teatur, Sofia Central Puppet Theatre), which he later had to leave for political reasons. In the meantime he performed at the Rabotnicheski Teatur (Working Theatre) and organized an amateur theatre school of the syndicates and another municipal puppet theatre.

In 1955, Fabiany returned to the Central Puppet Theatre (Stolichen kuklen teatur) in Sofia where he performed in more than one hundred roles both as an actor and puppeteer. His roles included Guliver in Guliver by Y. Peer and L. Spaccil; Friar Marcuccio in Sukrovishteto na Silvester (Silvester’s Treasure) by Wagenstein; Fillint in Mizantrop (The Misanthrope) by Molière; Gino Latinyanin in Krali Marko (King Marko) by Ivan Teofilov, among others. He worked as a director at the Central Puppet Theatre and other theatres in Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia. He featured in several Bulgarian movies.

Eugen Fabiany was the leader of the Amateur Puppet Theatre at the Cultural Centre of Pedagogues. He has toured many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. For over twenty-five years he was General Secretary and an Honorary Member of the Bulgarian Centre of UNIMA. He was a member of the jury for the International Festival of Puppet Theatre PIF (Zagreb, Croatia) and of the International Festival of the Child (Shibenik, Croatia). Recipient of numerous awards, in 1992 he was elected an UNIMA Member of Honour at the UNIMA Ljubljana Congress.

(See Bulgaria.)