Bulgarian puppeteer. Galina Savova is a graduate of the Natsionalna akademia za teatralni i filmovi izkustva (NATFA), (National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts) in the class of Professor Nikolina Georgieva. Since 1998, she has worked as a puppeteer at Stolichen kuklen teatur (Sofia Central Puppet Theatre). She is one of the theatre’s principal actor-puppeteers.  

Productions in which Savova has performed include: Snezhnata Kralitsa (The Snow Queen), based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen; Prkazka za Popa i Negovia Sluga Glupan (The Tale of the Priest and His Servant Glupan), based on a tale by Aleksandr Pushkin; Peter Pan, based on James M. Barrie’s story; Maugli (Mowgli) by Rudyard Kipling; Liubopitnoto Slonche (The Curious Little Elephant) by Kipling.

In 1998, Galina Savova was awarded the prestigious accolade of the National Puppet Academy – Kuklar for her role in Kose Bose by Rada Moskova. In 2001, Zlaka – Zlatnoto Momiche (Zlatka, The Golden Girl), directed by Todor Valov with Galina’s participation as puppeteer, was awarded an IKAR (Icarus) from the Union of Bulgarian Actors.

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