Romanian director. Geo Berechet graduated from IACT (Institutul de Artă Teatrală şi Cinematografică Institute of Theatre Arts and Cinematography) in Bucharest. He directed several productions for actors’ theatre and puppet theatre, notably Copilul din stele (The Star-Child, 1970) by Oscar Wilde and Riga Crypto și Lapona Enigel (Riga Crypto and Lapona Enigel), inspired by Ion Barbu, in Constanţa, before leaving Romania in 1971.

During his brief activity on the Romanian stage, Geo Berechet had brought a metaphorical style that contributed to the rejuvenation of the puppet theatre, integrating actors, masks and puppets. He explored the relation between the puppeteer’s body and the puppet. In Copilul din stele (The Star-Child), the puppeteer’s body played as a spacial ground for the puppet, an innovative concept at the time.

(See Romania.)