Romanian puppeteer. Since 1956, Aneta Forna-Christu has worked with the Puppet Theatre of Constanța (initially named Teatrul de păpuşi Elpis Elpis Puppet Theatre, today Teatrul pentru copii și tineret Constanța [lier]Constanța Theatre for Children and Youth[/lier]).

Forna-Christu played memorable roles in: Copilul din stele (The Star Child, 1970) after Oscar Wilde, directed by Geo Berechet; Micul Prinț (The Little Prince, 1973), directed by Andrei Belgrader; Călina Fat Frumos (Călina, Prince Charming, 1978), directed by Silviu Purcărete; Povestea Porcului (The Pig Story, 1979), directed by Irina Niculescu; Regele Cerb (The King Stag) after Carlo Gozzi; Lectie de zbor pentru puiul de cocor (The Little Crane’s Flying Lesson); and Roxi si leul cel bătrân (Roxy and the Old Lion), directed by Cristian Pepino in 1980.

Aneta Forna-Christu was equally experienced in the art of rod puppets inspired by Indonesian wayang, and she was known for her manipulation skills, acting, and vocal qualities. She received several awards over the years and, in 1986, was honoured by the Asociația oamenilor de teatru si muzică (ATM, Professional Association of Theatre and Music) for her life’s work in theatre.

(See Romania.)