Turkish actor and karagöz puppeteer. Mustafa Mutlu graduated from the Theatre Department of Ankara University from the Faculty of Language, History and Geography with thesis work on traditional folk performance. Attending the courses opened by the Ministry of Culture, he learned karagöz and wrote extensively on folk theatre and shadow theatre puppetry for the various magazines and journals as well as authoring a book. He was  hired as an actor by the Turkish State Theatre.

Mustafa Mutlu has played karagöz and demonstrated the making of shadow puppets for many years. He founded the award winning Mutlu Shadow Theatre. He has presented karagöz shows and workshops in Spain, Finland, Germany, Syria, England, Austria, Tunisia, Canada, Poland, Sweden, France, United States, and Moldova. Mustafa Mutlu is also one of the founders of UNIMA Turkey and has served as an officer. He has worked in television, radio, and film.

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