Scottish institution founded in 1984 to nurture and promote puppetry and animation in Scotland and to increase employment opportunities for Scottish practitioners. From 2000-2010, annual surveys by Puppet Animation Scotland have established that Scottish puppetry companies have presented work to over 1,400,000 people throughout the UK.

Puppet Animation Scotland produces festivals including the manipulate Visual Theatre Festival, bringing work of high quality from around the world to Scotland, and the Puppet Animation Festival, the UK’s region-wide, longest-established annual performing arts event for children, attended by over 180,000 people since 2000. (PAS: Puppet Animation Festival Reports/2000-2010).

Puppet Animation Scotland support schemes provide significant opportunities to foster creativity, innovation and excellence. It offers a range of courses and workshops in skills and career development for aspiring practitioners.

Since 2010, Puppet Animation Scotland has been based in Edinburgh and receives funding from Creative Scotland (formerly the Scottish Arts Council). Its Director is Simon Hart.

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