Paraguayan professional puppet theatre founded in Asunción by Juan and Renée Carter in 1966. One of the first such troupes of its type in the country, Misión de Amistad (Mission of Friendship) began by presenting Paraguayan works, the company’s own creations and, eventually, plays from the international repertoire. The company has a workshop where they build various types of puppets, including glove puppets, rod puppets, marottes, and tabletop puppets. They also organize courses in performing, workshops for children, and workshops for adults – particularly those intending to be teachers.

Juan Carter took part in the first festival of puppets in Buenos Aires, where he exhibited photographs, posters, puppets and programmes from the company. From this introduction, the troupe began touring in other countries, as well as participate in international festivals in the United States and Argentina. In 1995, María Inés Rodríguez, Manuel Cuenca, Felicia Barrios and Carlos Penaya took over direction of the company. Shows of note from their repertoire include: Eireté (The Legend of Ñanduti), Lo que pasó cuando la hija lloró porque quería la luna (What Happened When the Daughter Wept Because She Wanted the Moon) and La Modesta (Ña Modesta).

(See Paraguay.)