Honduran puppetry and acting theatre founded in Tegucigalpa. After graduating from the municipal school in 1977, David Vivar began his career in puppetry while also pursuing work in pantomime, drama, and music. Alternating performances for children and adults, Teatro Latino was initially comprised of David Vivas, Hugo Lam, and Raúl López. For over twenty-five years, the troupe performed children’s shows, travelled across the country and participated in festivals in Tegucigalpa, as well as in Guatemala and Mexico.

In 1987, the company was awarded the Opus Prize, given for the best children’s play, El tesoro de la luna (The Moon’s Treasure). The company organized the Festival Internacional de Teatro de Títeres (International Festival of Puppet Theatre) in Tegucigalpa in 2000.

Notable shows include El tesoro de la luna, Capirucha y el Tacuarín, La inversión de los marcianos (The Investment of the Martians) by Juan Enrique Acuña. La historia de un huevo perdido (The Story of a Lost Egg) by Alberto Cebreiro, Cuentos e historias (Tales and Stories) by Javier Villafañe, El rapto de la princesa (The Abduction of the Princess), and El pastelero Pepe y su perro (Pepe the Baker and His Dog) by David Vivar. The company mostly uses glove puppets.

(See Honduras.)