Puppet theatre with two sections, one Romanian and one Hungarian, established in 1950 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, by Edit Fischer, Károly Fuhrman, and Ileana Hodiş. Since 1990, the theatre has been called Teatrul de păpuşi Puck (Puck Puppet Theatre).

A large part of the activity of the puppet theatre in Cluj-Napoca was closely associated with the director Ildikó Kovács who joined the theatre in 1952. Among the most important productions of the Hungarian section, the following deserve special mention: Jars Mateias (1962), directed by Hunyadi András and designed by Al. Rusan, whose set presented the story as seen through the eyes of a child; Parodii (Parodies, 1962), in collaboration with Pál Fux and Edith Bothar, a satire of action cinema and literature. One cannot forget the personality of Peter Janos, the consummate artist: an imaginative puppeteer, actor, and mime.

Other than the early productions without words of Ildikó Kovăcs, the theatre also produced her shows: Visul unei nopti de vară (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 1979), after William Shakespeare, designed by Al. Rusan and Edith Bothar; Ubu rege (King Ubu, 1979), after Alfred Jarry; Te astept (I Am Waiting for You, 1979), after George Lawson, with set and puppet design by Virgil Svinţiu; Omul si masca (The Man and the Mask), directed by Lăszlo Cseleny; and Povestea străbunilor noștri (The Story of Our Ancestor) by Mircea Vaida, directed by Horia Pop.

Still in the same theatre in Cluj-Napoca, Ildikó Kovăcs produced the first pantomime productions which would play an important role in the professional development of the company. Among the productions produced by the Romanian section of the theatre in Romanian, mention must be made to the creations of Horea Pop: Wilhelm Tell (1969); Ubu rege (King Ubu, 1980), directed by Ildikó Kovăcs; Cenușăreasa (Cinderella), directed by Aureliu Manea; Uriașul Periferigerilarimini (The Giant Periferigerilarimini), directed by Maria Mierluţ; Tinerețe fara batrinețe și viață fără de moarte (Youth Without Old Age and Life Without Death), after Petre Ispirescu, directed by Mona Chirilă, set and puppet design by Eugenia Tărăşescu-Jianu.

Mona Chirilă was artistic director of Puck Puppet Theatre until April 2013, when Emilian Petrean was appointed to the position. The theatre produces an international puppet theatre festival held every year in October.

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