Romanian director and theatre designer. From 1956 to 1966, Pál Fux worked at the puppet theatre of Oradea in collaboration with Ildikó Kovács; they researched a new visual language for puppet theatre, particularly in Don Quixote (1956) and Pasărea albastră (The Blue Bird, 1965) after Maurice Maeterlinck. He designed and directed alone Pantomime pentru păpuși (Pantomimes for Puppets): Don Quixote, Don Juan, and Till Eulenspiegel (1969), with music by Richard Strauss.

Gifted with an imaginative style and a sardonic humour, he invented new forms of expression and influenced the development of theatre aesthetics in Romania. He also worked in Cluj (see Teatrul de păpuşi Puck, Puck Puppet Theatre) and in Constanța at Elpis Theatre (see Teatrul pentru copii și tineret Constanța, Constanța Theatre for Children and Youth).

Pál Fux moved to Israel in 1966.

(See Romania.)