Costa Rican puppet theatre. Tico-Títeres was founded in 1990 in San José by the Argentine, Fernando Thiel, an actor, puppeteer and mime artist, son of a puppeteer from Santa Fe, Argentina.  

Fernando Thiel received in 1985 the national prize for best actor of performances for children. He participated in the 5th Puppet Festival (V Festival de Títeres) in Mexico, the international children’s theatre festival (Festival Internacional de Teatro para Niños) in Lima, Peru. He works with his wife, Carolina Pizarro de Thiel, and other artists.

The company’s productions include the following shows: Cocinando sueños (Cooking Up Dreams), Hablemos en silencio (Let’s Speak in Silence), Imaginación …dónde estás? (Imagination …Where Are You?).

Fernando Thiel has also performed in television programmes as a professional puppeteer in Costa Rica and Argentina.

(See Costa Rica.)