Turkish author popularizing karagöz shadow theatre puppetry. Ünver Oral has actively promoted traditional Turkish theatre and folk performance since 1961 and became one of the founders of UNIMA Turkey. An expert on karagöz and puppets, he writes articles and books, participates in conferences and courses, and prepares material for radio and television. He founded İstanbul Kukla Theatre and took  part in many national and international festivals.

Some of his published books are Karagöz Perde Gazelleri (Karagöz Screen Songs), Çocuklara Karagöz ve Kukla Şiirleri (Karagöz and Puppet Poems for Children), Çocuklara Karagöz-Hacivat Söyleşmeleri (A Children’s Karagöz-Hacivat Dialogue), Karagöz-İbiş (a serial with ten books), Karagöz Oyunları (Karagöz Plays, three books), Karagöz Park Bekçisi (Karagöz Observing in the Park), Karagöz Dondurmacı (Karagöz Ice Cream Seller), Kukla Kitabı (Puppet Book), Kukla ve Kuklacılık (Puppet and Puppetry), Turkish Shadow Play Karagöz.

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